Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism (CEMFOR) coordinates broad-ranging, methodologically inclusive, and multidisciplinary research on racism at Uppsala university.

CEMFOR was inaugurated in January 2017. CEMFOR is the result of a collaboration between six faculties within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences. CEMFOR offers scholars and doctoral students interested in issues of racism a dynamic academic environment with funding and research positions, thus contributing to project coordination, theoretical and methodological development, and the training of a future generation of racism scholars.

CEMFOR´S six pillars

  1. Research
  2. Research Collaboration
  3. Knowledge - Dissemination (JRS, UP)
  4. Research School
  5. Racism Studies Database
  6. Platform of cooperation

Directors of Research

Professor Mattias Gardell
Professor Irene Molina

Our Researchers

Ylva Habel 
Mehek Muftee 
Patricia Lorenzoni
Shahram Khosravi
Daniel Strand
Anne Kubai
Maj-Britt Öhman
Jan Therese Mendes
Anna-Sara Lind
Tomas Poletti Lundström
Gunilla Larsson

Administrative staff

Director Per-Erik Nilsson.
Information Officer Jeannette Escanilla.


Senior lecturer Sandra Friberg (Faculty of Law), acting chair.
Senior lecturer Önver Cetrez (Faculty of Theology).
Senior lecturer Oscar Pripp (Faculty of Arts).
Professor Anna Carita Evaldsson (Faculty of Educational Sciences).
Senior lecturer Memet Aktürk Drake (Faculty of Languages).
PhD student Maissa Al Adhami (Department of Women's and Children's Health).                        PhD student Alexandra Lebedeva (Faculty of Theology).

International Board of Advisors

Jobs and vacancies at CEMFOR!                                                                                     

Vacancies (right now we have no vacancies). 

We also welcome researchers with external funding in relevant research areas. 
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Contact: Per-Erik Nilsson, Director.

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