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Review in the newspaper NyTid: Attentator or terrorist? about the book "The lonely terrorist?" "Den ensamme terroristen?"


"Should be a compulsory reading for anyone who is in any way engaged in research on terrorism" - review by Lars Sund in the newspaper Ny Tid of "The Lonely Terrorist?".

Compulsory reading

Helene Lööws and Michael Dahlberg-Grundberg's contribution to the antology is more of academic interest, the heaviest and for the common reader most interesting section of "The lonely terrorist"? is Mattias Gardell's text about the lone wolf phenomenona. It is, as far as I know, the first Swedish research text that deals with the subject and should be compulsory reading for anyone who is in any way involved in research on terrorism. Gardell is furthermore a good writer - a problem with the book as a whole is that Lööws and, in particular, Dahlberg-Grundberg's contribution is a little faltering.

Mattias Gardell traces the lonely terrorist 150 years back in time; during the first period of 1878-1934, anarchists and nihilists conducted a series of attacks. But lone wolves in today's opinion are above all a product of the American White Power Movement. So, the lone wolves are terrorists who work alone or together with one or two partners. Oklahomabombar Timothy McVeigh, who on April 19, 1995 blasted the federal office in Oklahoma City and killed 168 people, is the archetype for the lone one. McVeigh was an outspoken right wing extremist and carried out the attack for "terrorist purpose", which for some reason it is now known as in Finland. He is still hailed as a hero of neo-Nazis within us, for example on the Nordic resistance movement website Nordfront.

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