Researchers in the media

The Swedish newspaper Uppsala Nya Tidning writes about CEMFOR's Conference on Racism and Welfare - Is the Welfare for All?


"Rasism is built into our structures"
Is the welfare for everyone? That was the question for the participants at the conference on racism currently under way in Uppsala.

"We are stuck in a thinking where racism is just about attitudes and some racist groups, but racism is built into our social structures. For example, different people have different access to healthcare, and research shows that there are significant differences in life expectancy for those living in socially vulnerable areas. For example, the average life expectancy for men from Bergsjön in Gothenburg is nine years shorter than for men living in more prosperous areas of the city, says Mattias Gardell, and continues.

"It is a fatal hazard and it violates the basic principle of people's equal value.

The three-day conference started Wednesday, and continues tomorrow friday. As for the organizers, they hope that this year's conference will lead to increased understanding of how racism and welfare merge.

"We all agree that racism exists. This can be a way of approaching and understanding, "says Mattias Gardell.

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