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Terrorist or madman? Professor Mattias Gardell speaks out for Swedish Television SVT


Surely it's a terrorist act. On the basis of the investigation, everything indicates that it is. That is the opinion of the racism researcher Mattias Gardell which has written the book "The Lonely Terrorist". In the book he write about the school attack in Trollhättan.

"What Anton Lundin Pettersson does is to bring serious fear to a part of the population, so it's a terrorist act. The aim is also to promote or dismiss a certain political development, he says, and emphasizes almost every word in the first sentence.

What does it matter, you wonder. The important thing is that the perpetrator is caught?

No, it's not that simple. Not if you believe Mattias Gardell. By not calling the school attack terror, those who were affected are told that they not belong to the population.

Many times it does not even happen consciously. "Nobody wants to be racist"

Nevertheless, Gardell believes that it is easier to see a person with a different skin color than white as a terrorist. It is easy to assume that a white person is not a terrorist based solely on the skin color.

- Because of a long racist ideology that has produced white as autonomous subjects capable of thinking rationally and independently and making their own decisions, while Muslims or Blacks or Romans are collective and guided by their religion or cultural identity, says Mattias Gardell .

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