Guest Lectures in Fall 2018

Salman Sayyid

Islamophobia and Authoritarian Populism

Date and time: 14 November 2018, kl. 10–12.
​Location: Humanistiska Teatern (Uppsala University, Campus Engelska parken).

Salman Sayyid is based at the University of Leeds, where he holds a Chair in Social Theory and Decolonial Thought and is the Head of the School of Sociology and Social Policy. Additionally, he is a Senior Research Associate at Al-Sharq Forum, based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Professor Sayyid’s work is recognised for its innovative and transformative impact. His studies of the political, Islam, Islamophobia and racism are highly influential, and have been translated into half a dozen languages. Further consolidating his work, he founded a new international peer-reviewed academic journal ReOrient: The Journal of Critical Muslim Studies. Previously, Sayyid was Professor and the inaugural Director of the International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding in Australia. As the centre’s director, he made a film entitled Everything You Wanted To Know about Muslims But Were Afraid to Ask and worked with the Australia Day Council to develop a schema for an annual national award for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding. He has also held academic positions in London, Manchester and Adelaide.

Professor Sayyid is a political theorist, whose work engages with critical theory and the politics and cultures of the Global South. Some of his major publications include: A Fundamental Fear (a book, despite being banned by the Malaysian government, is now in its third edition), A Postcolonial People (co-edited), Thinking Through Islamophobia (co-edited with Abdoolkairm Vakil) and Recalling The Caliphate (a Turkish translation of this book has just recently been published). Currently, Professor Sayyid is leading a major inter-disciplinary research programme based on a dialogue between decolonial thought and political theory. He is a frequent contributor to national and international media.



Date and time: 23 October, 15.00–17.00 
​Location: Ihresalen (Uppsala University, Engelska parken/English Park Campus)

​Ruth Wilson Gilmore is Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Director for Center for Place, Culture, and Politics, Graduate Center at City University of New York.

The lecture is organized by Critical Border Studies Initiative. More info here.

"Mothers" Alexandra Pascalidou


  • Date: 1 October, 18:00–20:00
  • Location: Humanistiska teatern (Engelska parken)
  • Lecturer: Alexandra Pascalidou, Author and journalist Irene Molina, Professor of Human Geography. Researcher at CEMFOR

"The Mothers From The Outside Speak" - A Conversation Between Alexandra Pascalidou, Author Of The Book Moms And Irene Molina Who Researches In The Immigrant Mothers - Raced Children Project. Road selection, conflicts and visions.

The conference will be in Swedish

Registration is required here  

Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism
(CEMFOR) Uppsala university